PR Guidelines: This is a food blog. To be considered for my blog, your product must be used in the kitchen somehow, or somehow be relevant to this topic.
Not every product I receive will be reviewed on the blog. I usually write about products that I love or at least like. If I didn't like your product, there probably won't be a post. Hopefully you can see how this is to your benefit.
• My review will be honest.
It will take time for your review to be completed. Because I have a life. I am a mother of five and I also run my own business. There are likely going to be reviews that are in front of yours. The length of time to accurately test each item varies. I will use the product for whatever amount of time I feel is reasonable for that type.
To be considered for review:
• Please e-mail me (bakingischeaper at about your product! Including as much information as possible is very helpful. I love pictures. I want to know as much about your product as possible and also why you feel it is relevant to my readers.
• If I agree to consider you for review, I'll let you know and tell you where to ship the product.
• I am assuming you have agreed to all of the review rules listed above.

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