Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boston Creme Pie

I was craving this yummy cake a few days ago so I decided to create my own. I took a butter cake mix and doctored it to my liking. Then baked it in two 9" rounds coated with cake release. The filling is a package of instant vanilla pudding prepared as directed, mixed with homemade whipped cream. Yum! I could eat this stuff with a spoon all day long! The trick to getting it to all stay together is foil and freezing. I didn't take pictures (sorry!), but I pulled out a strip of foil long enough to wrap the cake with some room for over lap and then folded it in half (hotdog style- remember that from kindergarten?) I wrapped it around the cake and tucked it into it's fold and taped it there. I then topped they cake layer with the filling and froze it. After it is nice and solid you can put the other layer on top, leaving the foil around all layers but sliding it upwards so there is a little lip around the top to hold in the chocolate. For the chocolate layer I melted milk chocolate chips and mixed in some heavy cream. Just pour it into the tin foil mold and refrigerate until it sets up a little bit.

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